A little About us!

Corporate HQ.

There’s a saying that the best ideas and solutions come in the moment of crisis. While the whole world was battling with the biggest pandemic in 2020, we set the foundations of not just a company, but a vision, a dream seen by like-minded bunch of fresh off-the block individuals. Corporate HQ was a product of a group of individuals bringing their expertise in one place, and making a one stop-shop, an all corporate service model, for the very first time. We set out to be the most calculative, informed, detailed-oriented, transparent Accountants, Financial Advisors & Tax Advisors for the public as well as the corporate sector. We worked with numbers as well as the products, because we also were a team of Digital Marketing Experts, assembling the most quick, confident, market-aware and innovative team in a corporate world to offer. We also set out a team of Human Resource Experts at all the companies’ disposal for out-sourcing their HR department to our trusted hands. A business model so vast, yet so specialized, physically just in one city, yet capturing the global market, because all we need is ONE city & global awareness, because we are breaking our limits every second, for every service, for any client residing anywhere in the world. We are Corporate HQ!

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